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Lawyers for Energy storage

The target of achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions is driving huge change in the energy market. Renewable energy resources are mostly decentralised, making storage a crucial factor.

Our lawyers for energy storage take a holistic view of the transport and storage of green energy. We support a wide variety of market players in managing the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources, assessing innovative storage technologies from a legal and business standpoint and implementing energy storage projects in a legally compliant manner.

To deliver legal and planning certainty for your investment decisions, our energy storage lawyers analyse the relevant legal framework while always remaining aware of anticipated future developments. As members of interdisciplinary teams, our lawyers advise on both the legal and strategic aspects of energy storage projects, with support provided at all stages. 

The expertise and experience of our lawyers for energy storage cover the following areas in particular:

  • Energy law and regulation
  • Contract design and corporate law issues
  • Environmental and planning law
  • Site acquisition
  • Procurement law

Do you have any questions or need assistance? Our lawyers for energy storage will be happy to help. Their contact details are listed below. 

More information on energy storage can be found here

Antje Becker-Boley
Dr. Antje Becker-Boley
Rechtsanwältin | Head of Corporate / M&A, CMS Germany
Germany, Stuttgart
Antje Becker-Boley’s advisory practice focuses on M&A, investments and restructurings. She has special energy sector expertise and long-standing experience working with energy suppliers, manufacturers...
Friedrich Burchard
Dr. Friedrich von Burchard
Germany, Duesseldorf
Friedrich von Burchard advises on energy law, regulation, hydrogen, renewable energies as well as on stakeholder management in complex energy and infrastructure projects. Having previously worked in the...
Neele Ann Christiansen
Dr. Neele Ann Christiansen
Germany, Hamburg
Neele Christiansen advises German and international infrastructure companies and network operators in complex permitting and plan approval procedures with a focus on general planning law as well as environmental...
Ursula Steinkemper
Dr. Ursula Steinkemper
Rechtsanwältin | Fachanwältin für Verwaltungsrecht (Certified lawyer for administrative law) | Head of Energy & Climate Change, CMS Germany
Germany, Stuttgart
Ursula Steinkemper advises and represents companies and public authorities on all public law and in particular environmental and planning law issues. She specialises in advising on complex approval and...
Hans Fabian Kiderlen
Dr. Hans Fabian Kiderlen
Principal Counsel
Germany, Hamburg
Real Estate Law, primarily tenancy law (including shopping centres) and the acquisition and sale of property (inter alia sale-and-lease-back agreements). Corporate law, primarily the law of private partnerships...
Sven Brockhoff
Dr. Sven Brockhoff
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Vergaberecht (Certified lawyer for procurement law)
Germany, Stuttgart
Sven Brockhoff advises companies and the public sector on public procurement and public commercial law. Acting for contracting authorities, his public procurement law practice covers the strategic planning...