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CMS Advisory – business restructuring advice

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Turnaround is becoming more complex

As companies are challenged by changing economic parameters, the complexity of restructuring and rescue is also rising. This increases the need for specific expertise that combines business and legal skills to deliver successful restructuring.

The CMS Advisory business management services provide companies with in-depth restructuring advice to help them address crisis situations and – ideally – to achieve a turnaround. Our clients benefit in particular from seamless integration of business and legal advice across all aspects of restructuring and rescue.

Especially in these difficult times, restructuring advice is becoming increasingly complex and, above all, more wide ranging. Combining business aspects and legal advice is the appropriate response to these more demanding requirements.

Tobias Fusten, Partner

Based on an analysis of the main causes of the crisis, we work closely with company management to develop sustainable proposals to boost earnings. We seek to gradually improve profitability and lay the foundations for increasing the firm’s enterprise value. Our business restructuring advice takes an integrated approach that is not limited to cutting costs. When restructuring and rescuing companies, we look in particular at value chains and the potential for boosting efficiency and making more focused use of resources.

Service portfolio

To help our clients achieve a turnaround, our business restructuring advice includes the following action areas:

Strategic advice:

  • Liquidity planning and liquidity management
  • Development and implementation of restructuring plans and transformation programmes

Analysis and expert reports:

  • IDW S6 expert opinions and reports as per German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) case law
  • Quick checks
  • IBR (Independent Business Review)
  • Restructuring certificates
  • Going-concern plans 
  • Comparative calculation in self-administration and under the Act on the Stabilisation and Restructuring Framework for Businesses (StaRUG) 

Interim management:

  • CRO activities (with and without a board role) relating to restructuring or in the event of (imminent) insolvency

Our services around business restructuring advice and rescue are primarily aimed at SMEs. Our advisors have particularly extensive experience in this segment, with a long track record of providing support in potentially existential crisis situations, whether as consultant or interim manager. 

Our specific expertise in profit improvement is available to both medium-sized companies and large corporations across a range of sectors.

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