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Are you considering entering the Russian market or expanding existing activities there? Do you need to protect your interests in Russia? Whatever your industry or requirement, we can help you tap into the opportunities offered by Russia’s huge economy.

We have extensive experience of supporting clients with activities in Russia, making us the perfect partner for all your legal needs. Our Russian Desk experts bridge the language and cultural differences to deliver effective support. You benefit from our long-established presence in Moscow, coupled with a strong network of local contacts.

Russia is one of Germany’s key trading partners, with the sheer scale of the Russian economy offering enormous potential. At the same time, economic and political volatility can present investors with complex challenges. Doing business in Russia involves dealing with an unfamiliar legal, regulatory and administrative environment. Different business practices can also create uncertainty and risks.

Our special team of experts serving clients with activities in Russia includes in-country lawyers, allowing us to deliver relevant advice based on local knowledge. German firms have a long track record of engagement in Russia. Some 6,200 of them – mostly SMEs – already operate in the Russian market. We can help you build on this tradition of close German-Russian trade relations.

Our support includes advising on establishing a presence in Russia, whether alone or jointly with a Russian partner, on acquiring stakes in Russian companies, and handling complex M&A transactions involving investors from different countries.

Our Russian Desk team works closely with the German and Russian lawyers at CMS Russia, one of Russia’s market-leading law firms. CMS Russia has many years of experience in cross-border commercial advice, and particularly of advising German investors in Russia. The members of our Russian Desk can also draw on an exceptional network thanks to their long-term membership of important German-Russian organisations and chambers of commerce. We leverage this combination of market knowledge and strong contacts to help you make the most of your opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls.

Clients who choose CMS benefit from access to a one-stop service – we are among a very small number of firms that can provide legal advice across all areas of business law, including tax law. This technical ability is backed by sector-specific teams that bring together our expertise around individual industries and enable us to understand your business.

Our Russia inbound service is ready to assist you with every aspect of your activities in Russia:

  • Analysis and support around market entry
  • Company formation
  • M&A, acquisition of equity interests, joint ventures
  • Project finance
  • Advice on supply relationships and international trade law
  • Employment law, immigration law, employee postings
  • Ongoing legal advice and litigation
  • Support for business negotiations with Russian partners

To discuss your specific requirement, please contact us via the online form, email or by phone.

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CMS ad­vises Rus­si­an in­sur­ance group RESO-Garantia on ac­quis­i­tion of ERGO...
Ber­lin – Rus­si­an in­surer SPAO RESO-Garantia has ac­quired ERGO In­sur­ance Com­pany Ltd., a Rus­si­an sub­si­di­ary of the ERGO Group, from ERGO In­ter­na­tion­al AG. The deal in­volves SPAO RESO-Garantia ac­quir­ing...
October 2018
First edi­tion of the Re­new­able En­ergy Law Re­view pub­lished
This com­pen­di­um has been for­mu­lated to provide a good over­view of the leg­al frame­work and cur­rent status and chal­lenges in struc­tur­ing, fin­an­cing and in­vest­ing in re­new­able en­ergy pro­jects in the se­lec­ted...
February 2017
CMS in Rus­sia
Rus­sia is one of Ger­many’s key trad­ing part­ners, with the sheer scale of the Rus­si­an eco­nomy of­fer­ing enorm­ous po­ten­tial. At the same time, eco­nom­ic and polit­ic­al volat­il­ity can present in­vestors with...
02 June 2016
Present­a­tion of Prac­tic­al Guide on Im­port Sub­sti­tu­tion in Rus­sia
Im­port Sub­sti­tu­tion and Loc­al­isa­tion of Pro­duc­tion have be­come very im­port­ant top­ics for for­eign com­pan­ies with activ­it­ies on the Rus­si­an mar­ket. Tra­di­tion­ally im­por­ted products have to be in­creas­ingly...
February 2015
Ob­lig­at­ory reregis­tra­tion of rep­res­ent­at­ive of­fices in Rus­sia
Ob­lig­at­ory reregis­tra­tion of rep­res­ent­at­ive of­fices and branches of for­eign leg­al en­tit­ies in Rus­sia - Dead­line: 1 April 2015 The amend­ments to the Fed­er­al law dated 09.07.1999 No. 160-FZ on “For­eign...
January 2015
CMS, Rus­sia move to brand new of­fices in Mo­scow City fin­an­cial dis­trict...
We are pleased to an­nounce that our of­fices will re­lo­cate to the 56th floor of the premi­um class Naberezh­naya Tower of Mo­scow In­ter­na­tion­al Busi­ness Centre − Mo­scow-City. Ef­fect­ive from 1 Janu­ary 2015...
October 2014
Loop­holes in the Rus­si­an-im­posed sanc­tions
On the 6th of Au­gust 2014 Rus­sia is­sued its re­sponse to the EU sanc­tions in the form of an em­bargo on cer­tain West­ern foods. The ban was im­posed through De­cree No. 560 “On Ap­plic­a­tion of Cer­tain Spe­cial...
October 2013
Non-Ger­man cit­izen as dir­ect­or of a private lim­ited com­pany (GmbH) (in...
The bro­chure con­tains in­form­a­tion on the ap­point­ment and powers of dir­ect­ors of a GmbH. It also cov­ers the im­mig­ra­tion law re­quire­ments for em­ploy­ing a Rus­si­an cit­izen as dir­ect­or of a GmbH in Ger­man...
October 2013
Es­tab­lish­ing a com­pany in Ger­many in the leg­al form of a GmbH (in Rus­si­an)
The bro­chure provides an ini­tial over­view of the pro­ced­ure for es­tab­lish­ing a GmbH (Gesell­schaft mit bes­chränk­ter Haf­tung, a private lim­ited com­pany) in Ger­many, in­clud­ing in­form­a­tion on the doc­u­ment­a­tion...
February 2013
CMS Train­ing Camp - Get­ting ready for the World Cup Rus­sia 2018
In 2018, Rus­sia will host the World Cup. Pre­par­a­tions are un­der way, and the event is ex­pec­ted to be huge. Twelve sta­di­ums need to be con­struc­ted or mod­ern­ised and the in­fra­struc­ture re­quired to sup­port...