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CMS Select (redundancy selection criteria)


Process-optimised assessment

IT-based social selection in restructuring projects to optimise personnel adjustment measures, including the IT-supported implementation of project-related documents such as works council hearings, mass dismissal notices or letters of termination.

The idea

  • Strategic support in calculating target scenarios before reconciliation of interest negotiations; data-driven support for the designing of social plan parameters (through comparison with industry and region-specific empirical values).
  • Digitally supported social selection process, including for individual terminations based on operational grounds.
  • Enabling creative freedom in the software-supported implementation of social selection.
  • Consideration of all relevant/highest judgments/point schemes confirmed by the court.
  • Ability to compare individual point schemes.
  • Holistic support of the labour law restructuring. Relieving clients through our efficient processes regarding administrative and staff-binding questions/decisions.

The result

  • Matching corporate goals and legal requirements.
  • Extensive automation (with the option for manual fine-tuning) and the resulting short response times.
  • Focusing on the best-case scenario, short-term adjustments can be implemented cost-effectively.
  • Automatically processed data for all further steps (e.g. works council hearings, mass dismissal notices, individual terminations).
  • Reduced time expenditure/disruptions from the media/sources of error.

A wealth of experience in social criteria, combined on a single platform

CMS Select combines the knowledge and experience of your HR department and our employment lawyers in assessing social criteria. All the data required to create the social selection table is stored in CMS Select and can be modified and edited in real time. This makes the process of assessing the social criteria for redundancy simpler, more transparent and more efficient. It also provides you with full insight into how decisions are reached. In addition to the benefits regarding complex restructuring projects, CMS Select makes it easier to handle individual terminations and small to medium-scale restructurings where social criteria assessments are also required.

How does CMS Select work?

CMS Select provides the full range of functionality required for assessing redundancy selection criteria. All the relevant background data on the project (employee details, proposed measures, etc.) can be imported using the corresponding templates or entered directly in the software. This also applies to any vacancies within the company that could potentially be filled by employees facing redundancy. In addition, CMS Select lets you define comparison pools and manage assessment data you have already entered. In other words, you have total freedom to create, update and manage comparison pools, measures, employee data and vacant positions. The social selection table can be modified and managed at any time.

Initial selection proposal

CMS Select provides suggestions for social selection based upon numerous BAG and LAG rulings. The focus is always on finding a court-approved weighting of the point schemes that is as congruent as possible with the goals you are pursuing. The company's own point schemes/selection guidelines can also be compared to this.


If you have any questions about the product and its possible uses, please refer to your contact at CMS or get in touch with us at: [email protected].