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CMS advises WIRCON on construction of largest solar park in the Netherlands


Hamburg – The largest solar park in the Netherlands, Sunport Delfzijl, opened today. It belongs to the German WIRCON Group, a project developer and energy service provider operating under the WIRSOL brand. The 30 hectare solar park is equipped with 123,000 solar panels and located near the port of Delfzijl, in the north of the Netherlands. The photovoltaic plant produces enough electricity to supply the equivalent of around 7,500 households. The project was completed in less than one year.

A team from CMS Germany and CMS Netherlands led by Dr Niklas Ganssauge and Cecilia van der Weijden advised the WIRCON Group on all aspects of the project. The international CMS team was involved in the acquisition of the project rights, construction of the solar park and its financing. Dr Niklas Ganssauge has been advising the WIRCON Group on an ongoing basis for a number of years with regard to implementing projects. Recent examples include the construction of the biggest solar park in Scandinavia, Lerchenborg, in 2016.

Energy service provider WIRCON, headquartered in Waghäusel, Baden-Württemberg, specialises in projects involving renewable energy sources. The company focuses on national and international wind and solar energy projects, large-scale commercial roof-mounted systems, small private rooftop systems and long-term operational management of the facilities.

CMS Germany

Dr Niklas Ganssauge, Lead Partner
Dr Eva T. Haaf, Senior Associate, both Energy
Dr Marc Riede, Partner
Dr Michael M. Klose
Carl Werner, both Counsel, all Banking & Finance
Dr Heino Büsching, Partner
Dr Olaf Thießen, Counsel, both Tax

CMS Netherlands

Cecilia van der Weijden, Lead Partner
Jacqueline Feld, Associate, both Energy and M&A
Eduard Scheenstra, Partner, Banking & Finance
Luurt Wildeboer, Partner, Approvals and Environmental Law
Arnout Scholten, Partner, Real Estate
Erwin van Elst, Associate, Notarial Services and Real Estate

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Press Release WIRCON, 19/01/2017
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Dr. Heino Büsching
Olaf Thießen
Dr. Olaf Thießen
Principal Counsel
Dr. Michael M Klose
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