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CMS Hasche Sigle: Cornelius Brandi re-elected as Managing Partner


Cornelius Brandi was re-elected today as Managing Partner of law firm CMS Hasche Sigle. The long-term incumbent Managing Partner received the overwhelming approval of the 184 active partners at the meeting of the largest German law firm in Hamburg. He will lead the firm in his fourth term for three more years until June 2011.

Cornelius Brandi has been Managing Partner since 1999. During this time he has been dedicated to promoting the development of CMS Hasche Sigle. The number of lawyers working for the firm has more than doubled, making CMS Hasche Sigle one of the most rapidly expanding firms in the German law market. In particular the internationalisation of the firm and the steady growth in profitability are successes that are the result of Brandi's strong and consistent management. During his term there have been several successful mergers with smaller firms as well as the establishment of the offices in Moscow and Shanghai. Not least, the relocation of the seat of the international CMS organisation from Brussels to Frankfurt can be attributed to Brandi's diplomatic approach to the cooperation with the management bodies of the other European CMS law firms.

Senior Partner Joachim Gres said "The firm is very glad that Cornelius Brandi will continue his successful work in years to come". He added, the key data at CMS Hasche Sigle show a trend of continuing growth and reflect significant improvement over the previous year. This success is also the result of the conceptual work of Cornelius Brandi. "With the re-election we set a clear strategic signal: the continued growth of our strong position on the consultancy market." In this way the firm will continue to reinforce its distinctive position as the only major German law firm which is not managed from abroad.

CMS Hasche Sigle has over 500 lawyers active in offices in all German commercial centres. Furthermore, CMS Hasche Sigle is represented in almost every corner of Europe, whether through its own offices or the efficient network of the CMS organisation. "All figures reflect growth, the number of cases, the billings and the results. I am very pleased that CMS Hasche Sigle holds top rankings in national and international comparison. We will continue to intensify our focus on issues relevant for the future such as the expansion of the CMS organisation and our presence in new markets and at the same time pay due attention to issues such as quality of workplace, training and work/life balance in a market which has been continually marked by decreasing numbers of applicants." said Cornelius Brandi. The dynamic development will continue and the profitability of CMS Hasche Sigle will further increase, as the parameters of the first five months of 2008 already indicate.

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