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Communication category: CMS Germany wins PMN Management Award 2019


Berlin – CMS Germany has taken first place in the Communication category at the 11th PMN Management Awards. The Professional Management Network (PMN) is a network of international commercial law firms and audit companies. Finn Wehr accepted the trophy at the PMN Award Gala in Frankfurt/Main on behalf of the CMS Public & Media Relations team. The award recognises the “Reputational protection, safeguarding success” project, which involved developing an effective organisational structure for communications management in reputationally critical situations.

In its laudation, the jury praised CMS’s structured approach. The project team had “identified and simulated problem situations and developed guidelines that provide a valuable basis for every employee in the law firm”. The jury was “deeply impressed by the level of professionalism and implementation expertise” and was unanimous in its decision to recognise CMS “for this compelling concept”.

Dr Hubertus Kolster, Managing Partner of CMS: “CMS sees itself as a driver of innovation, and that also applies to communication. Through our professional approach to reputation management, we aim to set a new standard in the legal market. We are delighted that this commitment has garnered us the PMN Award.”

The PMN Management Awards have been used to recognise innovative projects in management and business services within commercial law firms in Germany since 2009. The awards cover seven categories, with the finalists and winners being selected on the basis of projects submitted by individual law firms. A five-member jury consisting of experienced business journalists, former managing partners and business service heads of law firms considers all the entries and chooses the winners. The aim of the awards is to support the development of management and business services within law firms and to highlight success stories.