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Dr Hubertus Kolster re-elected as managing partner


Berlin – Dr Hubertus Kolster has been confirmed in office for another four years as managing partner of law firm CMS Hasche Sigle. The firm’s partners gave their overwhelming approval at an ordinary annual meeting in Berlin last weekend. Dr Kolster has been at the helm of Germany’s largest commercial law firm since April 2011.

Over the past years Hubertus Kolster has been keenly committed to further modernisation of the firm and a strong supporter of international expansion. This is reflected in significant growth across all areas. CMS Hasche Sigle's innovative approach has established it in the top-level corporate segment, with client numbers and fee income on the increase and profitability rising. "Working together, we have handled a range of exciting challenges extremely well," Kolster said after his re-election, "I look forward to the coming years and the opportunity to drive forward the many innovation projects we have already launched." As an example, Kolster cited the firm's success in implementing a new career model for its staff, which now number more than 600 lawyers. This model has boosted the attractiveness of the firm as a compelling employer for junior lawyers. Clients also recognised the firm's continuing progress, as demonstrated not least by positive feedback from anonymous surveys among corporate lawyers both in the SME and blue chip segments, added Kolster. "This recognition and encouragement motivates us to continue along our chosen path. The success of our teams and the future of the firm depend on highly qualified expertise, addressing the topics of the future, and expanding our international reach".

Kolster's term in office has seen the firm working on exceptional instructions and international mergers. "His focused management of the firm has been instrumental in making CMS such an established name in the German market," said Cornelius Brandi, CMS Hasche Sigle senior partner and Chairman of the Executive Board of CMS firms. "The firm is delighted that Hubertus Kolster will be continuing his successful work for the firm and the other CMS members. We are thus well placed to consolidate and extend our outstanding market position going forward."

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