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Klitschko brothers not required to pay into Artists' Social Welfare Fund – CMS Hasche Sigle wins for Sportfive before German Social Court


CMS Hasche Sigle has successfully defended Sportfive against the Artists' Social Welfare Fund (Künstlersozialkasse) before the German Social Court. Sportfive marketed the rights of boxing professionals Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko, including personality rights. The Artists' Social Welfare Fund had demanded that Sportfive pay contributions to the Welfare Fund of 3.8% of the fees received by the Klitschkos for appearing in various advertising commercials. The Fund argued that sporting professionals who appear in advertising commercials are carrying out a freelance performing arts activity.

The German Social Court took a landmark decision for the entire sector ruling that appearances in advertising commercials do not make sports professionals artists. The advertising sector uses sports celebrities because they are well-known and role models to large sections of the general public and not because of their artistic abilities.

"The Klitschko brothers get their fees precisely because they do not play roles" said Bernd Roock CMS Hasche Sigle, who represented Sportfive in this case. "They appear as the Klitschko brothers, i.e. as themselves."

Today's decision (case no.: B 3 KS 1/07 R), which came in a leap-frog appeal (Sprungrevision) to which the parties had agreed owing to the fundamental nature of the point at issue, is of great relevance to all sporting celebrities who appear in advertising commercials. It did not consider whether sporting professionals have to contribute to the Artists' Social Welfare Fund if they appear in theatrical motion films.

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