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PCC is one of the first European Stock Corporations (SE) created by way of transformation


The international company PCC AG with its domicile in Duisburg, which concerns itself with chemicalproduction, logistics and trade, has transformed itself as one of the first companies (after MAN B& W Diesel AG) into a European Stock Corporation (SE). CMS Hasche Sigle advised the companygroup, which is represented in 17 countries and with almost 4000 employees last generated turnoverof approx. EUR 860 million, on this step. Following the registration which took place yesterday theholding of the PCC Group is now called PCC SE.

In addition to the introduction of a monistic management structure the change of legal formgives PCC the possibility to adjust its company form to the international character of its groupand to do justice to its European flair. It is expected that cross-border activities will besimplified as a result.

The procedure to involve the employees necessary for transformation of the company which wascarried out in Germany and in six further eastern European companies was concluded within just fourweeks. The team led by the Düsseldorf partner Dr Dirk Jannott was assisted by the offices of theCMS Alliance in Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest.

Advisers to PCC

CMS Hasche Sigle

Dr Dirk Jannott (Corporate/Lead Partner)

Dr Marcel Hagemann (Corporate)

Dr Rainer Kienast (Employment)

Andreas Josupeit (Employment)

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