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The Algerian market has experienced perpetual change for more than 20 years and represents a challenge for economic operators present or wishing to establish themselves there. A precise knowledge of the legal, economic, administrative and cultural environment is essential to maintain and develop your business in Algeria. 

For more than 50 years, our national and international clients have benefited from our recognised expertise in all strategic business sectors and been able to rely on the knowledge of our business law firm.

We stack the odds in your favour by supporting you throughout your project – at the outset, by addressing regulatory constraints, providing expertise in tax matters and rules, etc. and on an ongoing basis, by providing legal and tax assistance. 

We work in strategic Algerian sectors and the following fields of law: 


  • development projects in partnership, cooperation projects and distribution projects;
  • incorporation of local tax issues in the choice and location of investment vehicles;
  • conclusion and implementation of industrial projects (engineering, technology transfer, turnkey contracts, etc.).

Advising on transactions (acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures, restructurings and mergers) 

  • legal audit;
  • preparation of documentation and legal deeds; 
  • negotiating assistance; 
  • national and international tax aspects of those transactions.

Public contracts/PPP/Project and infrastructure financing

  •  assistance in drafting documentation relating to the award or tendering of public contracts;
  • assistance in the conclusion and performance of public contracts;
  • assistance in the event of litigation relating to the performance or interpretation of public contracts; 
  • negotiation and support in the context of partnerships with public entities; 
  • completion of infrastructure projects in the framework of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

Optimisation and securing of intra-group operations

  • identification and optimisation of existing incentives or tax exemption schemes;
  • drafting and/or ensuring compliance of contractual and corporate documentation 

Analysis and optimisation of intra-group financial flows-

  • analysis and optimisation of international mobility and expatriation policies


  • assistance with tax audits and, more specifically, during debates conducted with the tax authorities;
  • support for clients in drafting and obtaining advance tax rulings;
  • reviewing of transfer price documentation to ensure compliance with local law;
  • assistance during the various phases of litigation (administrative litigation and judicial litigation)


  •  analysis of legislation and the legal environment; 
  • analysis of issues relating to personal health data; 
  • analysis and assistance in the context of advertising and promotional campaigns on health products; 
  • examination of the validity of decisions relating to marketing authorisations.

Economic law

  • assistance with consumer law (labelling, information, warranties, etc.);
  • drafting and revision of contracts or general terms and conditions of sale adapted to customers’ needs and avoiding anti-competitive practices;
  • litigation assistance.


  • assistance to ICT operators in their dealings with competitors;
  • assistance with the preparation of referrals to the Regulator;
  • assistance in the context of operators’ relation with the Regulator;
  • assistance in telecoms litigation.

Labour and social protection law

  • assistance in the field of social law in the context of drafting and revising contracts and collective or individual agreements between employers and employees;
  • assistance with labour law disputes and litigation


  • assistance and advice to petroleum and mining companies in the framework of their investments and operations; 
  • assistance and advice to petroleum and mining services companies;
  • assistance and advice on the national and international fiscal and regulatory aspects of those operations.

Our multidisciplinary and multicultural team comprises around 15 lawyers, legal experts and tax specialists speaking Arabic, English, French and Spanish. It is one of the few business law firms in Algeria able to provide legal and tax assistance covering the main fields of Algerian and international financial and business law. This organisation is our strength, enabling us to offer you the best conditions for the completion of your projects in Algeria. 

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