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Helping China to invest in Africa


The CMS Africa Group specialises in providing clients operating in Africa or wishing to set up businesses there with a combination of international expertise and local knowledge. We provide efficient and commercially sensible legal advice to clients pursuing projects in the following areas: hydrocarbons, mining, export agricultural products, transformation industries, export processing, manufacturing, telecoms, outsourcing, real estate and tourism projects and large infrastructure projects. Our clients are multinational corporations, exporting enterprises, banks, African businesses, State organisations and multinational institutions.

With over 40 years’ experience in Africa, we have developed expert knowledge and deep insight into local conditions and practices, and have been able to develop close ties with decision-makers in a number of African countries. An additional benefit for our clients is that CMS is highly regarded not just for its legal advice, but its tax advice as well...

Helping China to invest in Africa - Chinese version
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