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Private Client : « Planning for (Non) Residents » | 16-th Annual Tax Planning Strategies US and Europe


Past event
16 March 2016 - 00:00

The 16th Annual Tax Planning Strategies – U.S. and Europe will focus on practical planning strategies for multinational corporations and their international advisors, as well as provide insight in how government tax officials may view the international tax landscape in light of the BEPS project and other initiatives that affect corporate taxpayers. As relationships between taxpayers and tax authorities are changing as a result of these international developments, our opening panel will discuss the ways in which the relationships are changing and how taxpayers can plan for and adopt to those changes. A further important development is the growing criminalization of tax enforcement, which will be examined in detail by an expert panel. Transparency continues to be a trend in cross-border transactions; in addition to FATCA, the Common Reporting Standard is being implemented and a panel will discuss the latest challenges to comply with those reporting requirements. Transparency for corporate taxpayers soon will be implemented by the country-by-country reporting that will be separately examined as well. Our cross-border M&A panel will focus on transaction trends, including structuring the transaction, choice of jurisdiction, and shareholder tax planning. A separate panel will consider post-transaction restructuring techniques.

Designed for international tax professionals from industry and private practice, other sessions will cover:

• Funds-New Structures and New Transactions
• Hybrid Planning Post-BEPS
• The Magic of REITs
• How Corporate Taxpayers Are Dealing With The Post-BEPS Environment


Picture of Michel Collet
Michel Collet