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Although access to bank financing is subject to significant regulatory constraints, various financing disintermediation alternatives are emerging, creating a new range of possibilities for real-estate developers: bond financing, mini-bonds, loans granted by alternative investment funds, property crowdfunding (in the form of loans and gifts or as financial securities), etc. In this completely new context, the complexity and level of risk of these operations require increasingly expert support. Whether you are an investor (listed or non-listed real-estate company, French or foreign investment fund), a banking institution, a user (large company or SME) or a developer, we will advise and assist you at every stage of your project.

Recognised for its expertise in complex structured financing, mortgages and property securities, our multi-disciplinary team will support you in the legal and tax structuring of your transaction (particularly for the creation of dedicated vehicles) until completion of the acquisition and/or sale and its (re)financing. 

Based on our combined skills in real-estate law, tax law and financial law (Investment Funds practice) as well as our solid experience in this area, we offer you a technical and pragmatic approach designed to optimise your transactions from a long-term perspective.


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