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Securitisation and covered bonds


The Banking & Finance team serves the needs of a wide variety of clients in France and abroad: retail banks, investment banks, investment service providers, institutional investors, insurance companies, industrial and commercial companies and local, national or supranational public authorities. The team assists clients on the legal and tax aspects of transactions, the preparation and negotiation of legal documentation, and advises clients on transactions arranged on their own account.

Securitisation: our areas of practice

The Banking/Finance team has vast experience in securitisation, involving a wide range of assets and structures:

  • securitisation of all asset types
  • risks securitisation (in particular insurance risks)
  • defeasance transactions
  • French special purpose real estate credit institutions (sociétés de crédit foncier)
  • French housing finance companies (sociétés de financement de l'habitat)
  • advice and assistance to investors in complex debt securities.

Covered bonds: our areas of practice

The Banking & Finance team has also acquired unparalleled experience in the issuance of covered bonds and the management of investment vehicles:

  • structured covered bonds
  • property bonds
  • legal and tax advice for issuers in acquiring eligible assets
  • investor advice and assistance

Our approach

Ability to deal with complex issues: our team works on innovative cross-border transactions along with our CMS network partners as necessary.

Synergy of expertise: we call upon the skills of other experts in the firm, notably our tax lawyers, to ensure that the matters to which we are entrusted are dealt with in the best possible manner and that every transaction is fully covered. The firm’s excellence in tax matters enables us, for example, to offer innovative, optimised tax structures in this field.

Innovative, customised solutions: attentive to our clients, we respond in the best possible way to their present and future needs. Our knowledge of market practices allows us to offer our clients tested solutions although we attach particular importance to ensuring that for each situation or transaction, the solutions we propose and the documentation that is drawn up correspond effectively to the real needs of our clients. 

Monitoring of transactions: we are well placed to respond to the requirements of our clients both for new matters as well as for the monitoring or unwinding of current transactions.

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