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The advent of the digital age and the simultaneous development of new economic models; the increased power of a collaborative dynamic leading to new management systems; the significant development of the work concept and the greater social responsibility of the company... These changes are profoundly altering the nature of labour and are defining a new relationship at the company, for both employees and management. What will tomorrow's company look like? Whether you are a medium-sized structure or an international group, you are now faced with this open question, eminently strategic, which brings with it obligations but also opportunities. In this increasingly complex and changing environment, expert assistance is required for all issues relating to labour and social protection law.

To face this new state of affairs, it is essential to manage the constraints and related risks as well as possible. How to assure the highest possible legal compliance of your company while optimising its flexibility in terms of personnel? In a context of globalisation of trade and fierce competition, your growth is dependent on resolving this paradoxical equation. Apart from risk management, another challenge consists of converting these constraints into a lever for development. How to attract and retain staff with the new expectations? How to enhance your employer brand? The attractiveness of your company is more than ever dependent on the construction of a real social project, which involves building of loyalty and motivation. It is therefore a determining factor to face the operational and financial challenges involved in establishing a social policy.

With 30 years' experience and a sound reputation, our labour and social protection law department comprises 15 partners. Supported by 50 multi-disciplinary specialists, our lawyers can advise and assist with all current issues, both in France and abroad: joint and individual litigation, criminal labour law; duration and organisation of working hours; new forms of organisation of work; complex operations and company transfers; relations with staff representatives and collective negotiation; individual labour relations; pay, salary saving and employee share ownership; restructuring and job-saving schemes; pension and welfare, social security and URSSAF litigation; health, safety at work and psychosocial risks. Familiar with the business world and with detailed knowledge of the specific nature of each sector, our experts employ a pragmatic and durable approach closely in line with your objectives.

"Standout practice group drawing valuable multi-disciplinary support from the firm's extensive network to advise on a range of employment matters. Frequently assists with mass dismissals and social security disputes with additional expertise in M&A-related transactions. Clients include retail, pharmaceutical and TMT companies." Chambers Europe – Employment 2018 

"CMS’ 68 lawyers advise large French and international corporations on highly sensitive matters including large restructuring projects, top M&A transactions, and challenging collective litigation." Legal 500 EMEA – Employment 2018


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    Complex transactions and transfers of undertakings

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    Duration and organisation of working time

    With their expert knowledge of the core regulations on the duration and management of working time, our specialist employment and social welfare lawyers are able to assist you with all these issues that call for both experience and responsiveness.

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    Health, safety and psychosocial risk

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    Individual and collective disputes, criminal employment law

    Our specialist lawyers will advise and assist you with a range of measures aimed at ensuring the working relationships within your company are trouble-free and preventing the risk of criminal proceedings.

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    Individual employment relationships

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    New working styles

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    Pay, employee savings and employee shareholding schemes

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    Relationships with employee representatives and collective bargaining

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    Restructuring and EPP

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