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Individual and collective disputes, criminal employment law


Changes in working practices and forms of employment, massive transformations in our relationship with work, high levels of stress amongst employees and the expansion of corporate social responsibility, all in a climate of prevailing insecurity... Your company provides the backdrop for fundamental changes which put employee satisfaction under strain, heighten tension and expose you to new legal danger-zones. In a tense and highly-competitive economic environment, when collaboration and motivating teams around a common purpose are more vital than ever, individual and collective disputes are increasing in number. At the same time, the increased risk of criminal proceedings associated with growing levels of occupational stress constitutes a genuine threat to your company’s performance. While employment and social welfare law is becoming increasingly complex, we need to pay extra attention to these issues.

In this changing and potentially hazardous environment, there is an urgent and vital need to identify the main risk factors (breach of health and safety regulations, working conditions, employee representative bodies, concealed employment and sub-contracting, use of casual labour) in order to put in place effective measures to prevent them arising (information and training for staff, maintaining and updating a single risk assessment document, delegation of authority, etc). With their expert knowledge of the issues and of the legislative and regulatory framework to which they belong, our specialist employment and social welfare lawyers will advise and assist you with a range of measures aimed at ensuring the working relationships within your company are trouble-free and preventing the risk of criminal proceedings. They will act for you in any collective or individual dispute case, before any courts (employment tribunal, district court, regional court, social security tribunal, administrative and criminal courts). More generally, they will offer advice on any individual or collective aspect of employment law. Insightful and pragmatic, our experts understand your concerns and, in addition to settling your disputes, are committed setting out and setting up a customised, practical and sustainable prevention strategy for your company, to help create a peaceful working environment so that your company can succeed.

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