At a time of escalating corporate social responsibility, basic pension and health insurance schemes are facing challenges that increase the need for supplementary schemes. Hence the considerable surge in company pension and insurance benefits, which is supported by parliament.

Helping companies set up and develop their pension and employee benefit schemes

These schemes provide tax and social security incentives, as well as generating loyalty amongst your employees and driving company performance. An increasingly complex regulatory framework governs the implementation of these schemes: extended use of compulsory supplementary health cover, the reform of so-called ‘responsible’ policies, the setting-up of hardship accounts, creation of performance conditions for the benefit of defined benefit pension schemes (so called “chapeau” top-up pension schemes), etc.
Whether you are a company incorporated in France or abroad, you will need help with your strategic development in this changing environment and to improve your understanding of the constraints imposed by these new schemes, as well as the opportunities they offer.

Our dedicated team of specialised social protection lawyers has extensive knowledge of these reforms and, because they deal with these issues on a daily basis, is well-positioned to provide support in the following areas: setting up insurance schemes (healthcare expenses, incapacity disability and death benefits); setting up supplementary pension schemes (defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans); auditing the compliance of the schemes, in particular with regard to new regulations on exemptions from employer contributions, contrats “responsables” (“responsible” policies) and the widespread use of supplementary health cover; managing the impact of the reorganisation of supplementary social welfare schemes (pension and insurance disputes with the organisation responsible for the payment of social security benefits in France, the Unions de Recouvrement des Cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d'Allocations Familiales or URSSAF, application of the “Evin” Act on healthcare coverage, etc).
Their expert knowledge and understanding of your business combine to offer you pragmatic and sustainable solutions that will help you grow.

Helping insurers set up and develop their insurance products and in their institutional arrangements

Our specialists can assist you in both policy-related and institutional matters. They regularly draw up rules for mutuals, membership forms, and company group policies, ensuring that these are line with regulatory developments. For example, they check the compliance of group policies with the Evin Act of 31 December 1989, compliance with the new regulations on contrats “responsables” (“responsible” policies), and the establishment of a paying agent. Our specialists also help with all statutory and institutional aspects in relation to mutuals and employee benefit institutions, including updating articles of association, advice on governance rules, in particular with regard to Solvency II, creation of or affiliation to a union of mutual groups (UGM or UMG), managing relationships with mutuals, Livre III unions, mergers of mutuals and transfers of insurance portfolios, etc.

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