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Tax in Africa


In a world where trade and the movement of capital are taking on global dimensions, the countries of Africa are attracting considerable corporate interest. With their abundance of resources and their rapidly expanding markets, they are set to become key players as business becomes increasingly international. With the growing importance of the role they play in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, private equity, telecommunications, fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture etc., their legal and fiscal systems have changed significantly. At a time when efforts are being focused on tackling tax base erosion and profit-shifting, better known as the BEPS action plan, these systems have had to become more and more complex and exacting. So, whether you already operate in Africa or whether you want to start operating there, these days you’ll face a shifting legal and fiscal environment that you will need to understand perfectly from both the strategic and operational perspectives.

Their vast experience has earned the lawyers in our team an outstanding reputation in the fields of African law and taxation. With the support of their local representatives, they offer advice in a variety of matters:

  • the domestic taxation of African countries (the common law system, investment incentives schemes, sector-specific regimes, etc.);
  • international taxation (the tax treatment of dividends, interest, management fees, and other compensation for services rendered);
  • the taxation of turnkey contracts (permanent establishment risk, structure of contracts and flows);
  • the taxation of transactions (acquisitions, transfers, joint-ventures, restructuring, mergers) ;
  • fiscal structuring of investment or business expansion projects.

They also provide their clients with support for their tax audits and disputes.

Our team of lawyers has a detailed knowledge of the current regulations and practice, which enables them to offer you constructive help with any issues or concerns you may have, to ensure your transactions are secure from the technical perspective and to provide you with effective advice on implementing your projects. The longevity and the quality of the links they have with Africa guarantee a results-oriented approach that is in touch with local realities.

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