As well as being a valuable and highly coveted resource for companies, personal data, whose volume is exploding as the digital revolution advances, is the subject of intense debate and subject to strict rules designed to protect the individual freedom and privacy of those whose data is held. The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force in May 2018, is designed at the European level to strengthen and unify both personal rights (creation of the right to data portability, data anonymity, special provisions for minors, etc.) and the responsibility of those who process the data.  The fines and penalties involved represent a significant risk to any company concerned. In this context, given the potential financial consequences and regardless of your business sector, it is essential that you adapt and comply with current and future obligations, which vary depending on the nature of the files and the purpose of the information being gathered. Our team of lawyers specialising in this area, including members of the French Association Personal Data Protection Correspondents and the International Association of Privacy Professionals, can support you with implementation of the necessary solutions.

Whether you are a publisher of e-commerce platforms, software, online games or websites, a national or multinational company, our experts are able to assist you with all issues relating to personal data protection. In particular, they will support you in the framework of audits and compliance upgrades of your data processing systems, assist with personal data transfers to countries without an adequate level of protection and with implementation of personal data management policies and, in close collaboration with our employment law specialists, with necessary consultations with employee representatives when implementing processing tools. They will also assist you and represent you when necessary in the event of an inspection by the CNIL (the French Data Protection Commission).

Finally, our team will provide “data protection correspondent” services, enabling you to outsource the work while reducing your declaration obligations.

Discover our offer for your GDPR compliance. 

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05 March 2021
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