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We live in an era in which the power of new technologies is increasing, resulting in an ever greater level of risk associated with IT. Diversification of the activities in question, greater outsourcing, multiplication and internationalisation of service providers, increases in the technicality of processes and associated language, changes in the legal framework (particularly new data protection rules) and so on: the negotiation and drafting of your contracts requires heightened vigilance. Staying on top of all the underlying legal challenges is not only necessary to prevent the corresponding risks (in terms of copyright, systems security, data confidentiality, employment law, potential reversibility, etc.) but also a significant advantage in the management of your suppliers and partners. Our lawyers, who are experts in these issues and familiar with your challenges, are here to assist you with all of these questions.

Our comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, based on a combination of wide-ranging and up-to-the-minute expertise, guarantees our effectiveness in anticipating and evading the pitfalls inherent in this area. Our lawyers advise you on the organisation, wealth management and HR precautions to take in respect of each project. They support you in the negotiation and drafting of your calls for tenders and your contracts (terms and conditions of sale and purchase, hosting of sites, maintenance and support, systems integration, software licensing and distribution, facilities management and outsourcing) and help you to manage risks and any associated disputes (infringement proceedings, unfair and parasitic competition, etc.).

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Anne-Laure Villedieu
Anne-Laure Villedieu
Member of the Management Board
France, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Anne-Laure Villedieu heads the Technology and IP Team of CMS France. She joined the firm in 1998, became a Partner in 2012 and is a member of the Advisory Board of the firm. She specializes in Technology...