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With the Brexit deadline looming, are you aware of all the consequences related to the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union?

It is now more likely than ever that the UK will leave the EU without an agreement in place to govern the new relationship. We would like to remind you of the most relevant legal, financial, tax and employment consequences of a so called “hard Brexit”.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary, tailored offer, our teams can support your adjustment to a hard Brexit and help you manage the challenges you face vis-à-vis the United Kingdom, against a changing and unstable backdrop.

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Hard Brexit: our support offer

Anticiper votre stratégie commerciale - brexit

Ensure your business strategy

Adapter votre fiscalité - brexit

Adapt your tax strategy

Vous accompagner dans votre politique RH - brexit

Support you in your HR policy

Repenser vos enjeux juridiques - brexit

Rethink you legal issues

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