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Circular Economy

Understanding a product throughout its life cycle, from conception to disposal

The circular economy is at the heart of the concerns of both public authorities and companies. The challenge is to break with the linear economy model (extract, manufacture, consume, throw away) in order to promote a "circular" economic model based on eco-design of products, responsible consumption, extension of the lifespan of products, promotion of packaging based on the "3Rs" (reduce, reuse, recycle) and better recovery of products at the end of their life.

This strong ambition translates into a significant number of new constraints for companies intending to place products on the French market. Discover our file dedicated to the Circular Economy Law: https://cms.law/fr/fra/publication/loi-anti-gaspillage-et-economie-circulaire

Supporting you in adapting to the circular economy
Our team assists the various market-players, in particular producers and distributors, in identifying the obligations weighing on them, regardless of the type of product marketed (food products, electrical or electronic equipment, furniture, other consumer goods, automobiles, et seq.). 


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