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Energy supply security

Helping you to reconcile the ecological transition and supply security

Energy supply security, a major challenge of the ecological transition

Reducing external energy dependence has always been an issue of sovereignty. Permanent and reliable access to various sources of energy has been one of the determining conditions for the development of industrial societies for more than two centuries (coal, oil and gas, electricity). It contributes to the comfort of our fellow citizens in the same way that price stability contributes to socio-economic equilibrium.

Through its technological, economic and psychological dimensions, the ecological transition is shaking up the energy sector: it is becoming decentralised, while at the same time "more European", more complex, the number of players is exploding and the risks of disruption are reappearing. Security of supply is again becoming a challenge, nowadays on different scales: European, national, regional and local. This is no longer merely the task of infrastructure managers.

Helping you integrate energy supply security into your strategy

Our teams integrate these dimensions to assist our clients with their ambitions and problems: energy production, self-consumption schemes, energy communities, private networks, load curve monitoring and consumption curtailment, energy savings, energy renovation, supply contracts, access to storage facilities, LNG terminals and electricity and gas interconnections.


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