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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, adviser to Compagnie Nationale de Navigation, Bridgepoint Capital, Banexi Capital Partenaires and BNP Paribas Développement


The transfer of Pisto SAS shares announced on 1 October 2008 has been achieved on the ground of a draft agreement whose signing had been forecasted on the last 24 July, after having received the support of the Competition Authorities in Germany and France as the authorization of the French government on behalf of the control of foreign investments.

At the close of this deal, Macquarie becomes owner of Pisto SAS which itself holds (i) 100% of the Compagnie Industrielle Maritime which runs, under concession of public equipment of Port Autonome du Havre, reception, storage and transfer facilities of hydrocarbons to Le Havre Harbour, (ii) 100% of the Compagnie Commerciale de Manutention Pétrolière which owns and runs in the Paris region and in the West of France several distribution depots of refined products and (iii) 32% of Trapil capital, owner of the Le Havre-Paris-Orléans-Tours network of oil pipelines and running many pipelines of refined products on the French territory.

As for this deal, the transferor shareholders of Pisto SAS were advised on corporate and tax law aspects by: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre: with Bruno Peillon, partner, as to corporate, Jean-Robert Bousquet and Caroline Vadet, lawyers, as for competition law, Benoît Philippe and Mélanie Comert, lawyers, as to labour law, Raphaël Bordier, lawyer, and in public law, François Tenailleau, lawyer. Bredin Prat: Edouard Sicot, partner (Tax).

Finance Counsel of transferor shareholders were XK Corporate Finance, with Alain Pichot and Catherine Reilles.

Financial and tax advisers of Macquarie were: Linklaters LLP: as for corporate aspects, David Swinburne, partner, Fritz Rossi and Jacques Darbois, lawyers, as to financing, Olivier Jauffret, and in public law, Paul de Lignières, partner.

For further information, please contact:
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