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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre and the legal firm Hoche Société d’Avocats, advisors for the transaction enabling Bridgepoint Development Capital to acquire shares in the specialised fast food chain Mezzo di Pasta


CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre assisted Bridgepoint Development Capital in its acquisition of shares in Mezzo di Pasta as a majority shareholder alongside the company founders. At this time it bought out the shares held by the investment holding company Arts et Biens led by Adrien Lévy, which acquired its stock as a minority shareholder in 2009 to back the company in its first development phase. Note that the new apportionment of capital is confidential.

For its part Hoche Société d’Avocats supported the founding shareholders, who included Emmanuel Guth, Chairman and co-founder, as well as the holding company Arts and Biens.

This operation is aimed at giving its directors the wherewithal to facilitate the development of the business activities of the specialist fresh pasta chain, in particular by accelerating the opening of new branches in France in prime locations.

Contributors to the operation :

Bridgepoint advisors

  • Bridgepoint Development Capital : Pierre Colasson, Olivier Binet, Jonathan Piquet
  • Legal advisors: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (Jean-Robert Bousquet, Thomas Bortoli, Clarisse Thiolon)
  • Due Diligence:
    - Market : Advancy (Sébastien David, Laurence-Anne Parent)
    - Financial : 8 Advisory (Stéphane Vanbergue)
    - Legal, tax, and corporate : Landwell (Cécile Debin)
    - Insurance : Marsh (Humbert d'Autichamp)
  • Human Resources: Labeille Conseil (Maryvonne Labeille), Hoffmann & Baretti (Renaud Prodel)

Founders’ Advisors

  • Arts and Biens : Adrien Levy, Alexandre Dellanegra
  • Financial advisers : Poincaré Gestion (Frédéric Dubuisson)
  • Legal advisors : Hoche Société d'Avocats (Jean-Luc Blein, Elise Véron- Poitou, Nadia Alaoui)

About Mezzo di Pasta :

This distribution network was started up in Strasbourg in 2002 and by the end of 2010 had 126 outlets, 121 of which are distributed over the territory while 5 are established abroad under Master Franchises.

Over the last 5 years the network has grown rapidly, averaging 24 new outlets per annum. Around 80% of the outlets in France are franchises and 20% are corporate stores (branches). Most existing outlets are located in town centres (97) and lately in shopping malls (29). Mezzo has also entered into the licensing market through agreements with Horeto (Villepinte showroom), Total (autoroute service stations) and current negotiations with respect to institutional catering. In France, management believes it can at least double the number of outlets, with strong emphasis on branch development.

The Mezzo concept also promises significant international potential. Recently, Master Franchise agreements have been entered into in Mexico, Switzerland and Spain. Discussions about new territories are on foot. In the long run the company hopes to be able to extend its own international corporate reach. As of this summer a first test will be seen in Germany, with the opening of a franchised outlet.

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