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10 Things Every Insurer Should Know about Western Europe


This brochure provides an informative introduction to the key areas of concern for an insurer when considering establishing operations in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. This has been produced following the success of our previous publication of the same name, which describes the particular requirements in Central and Eastern European jurisdictions.

Whilst we do not set out the definitive requirements for an insurer wishing to operate in these countries, this guide serves as a backdrop against which CMS can offer a cohesive and commercially realistic, solutions-based approach to expanding your operations. All the countries covered in this guide are members of the EU except Switzerland. The topics covered, other than regulation, have not been subject to EU harmonisation and so vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction depending on local law.

We hope you find the information both useful and interesting and welcome your feedback, questions and comments. In the brochure you will find the local expert or contact your usual contact at CMS.

10 Things Every Insurer Should Know about Western Europe - June 2010