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CMS Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe Newsletter | Spring 2010


We are pleased to present this spring edition of the CMS Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe Newsletter. We aim to give information on topical issues in insolvency and restructuring law in countries in which CMS offices are located.

This edition looks at:

  • ECJ - ruling on MG Probud and the interpretation of cross-border insolvency rules
  • Austria - insolvency law reform
  • Bulgaria - insolvency proceedings
  • Croatia - insolvency and enforcement proceedings
  • France - French Court of Appeal’s ruling regarding the use of the sauvegarde procedure
  • Hungary - recent court decisions with respect to the liquidation process
  • Italy - fund established to rescue and restructure firms in financial difficulty
  • Netherlands - issues to consider when granting secured loans to companies in financial difficulty
  • Poland - review of the proposed amendments to Polish regulations regarding “consumer bankruptcy”
  • Romania -threats to lenders restructuring loans when the borrower faces imminent insolvency
  • Spain - early agreement proposal as a speedy way to complete the insolvency process
  • Switzerland - directors’ liability in relation to social security contributions
  • Ukraine - key issues in debt restructuring
  • United Kingdom - the dangers of failing to keep insolvency event clauses up to date
Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe Newsletter: Spring 2010