Amy Norton

Senior Associate

"CMS is really all about transparency. When new staff join the team and they ask who they need to impress; what they need to do to get ahead, then I can say with confidence that all you need to do is work hard, be proactive and do your bit for the team. You don’t have to worry about anything else: there isn’t a secret handshake, and everyone’s very open and encouraging about how to succeed.

We’re a really welcoming firm, and that’s something I definitely found when I moved to CMS as part of the merger with Dundas & Wilson. The senior partners went out of their way to connect with everyone, to talk about our career aspirations, and how they could support us to make the most of those. At CMS, you know you’re valued and very much involved within an international firm. 

I think that’s the transparency and warmth we take to our client relationships. Every client relationship at CMS is based on trust and openness. With our clients, just as with our colleagues, we aim to be trustworthy and clear about our targets; to prove ourselves capable of what they need, when they need it. We aim to be knowledgeable and honest, and clients know they can rely on us for our expertise, because we prove that to them from the outset."

Amy Norton

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