Electra Sorba


"Working at CMS, it’s a very collaborative environment. It’s not about who can shine the brightest, but about getting the work done together, using our collective strengths. It’s an expectant atmosphere and everyone wants to deliver the best service to the client, but we achieve that as a team, rather than by competing for the best individual statistics.

When we’re coming to the end of a long project, everyone’s expected to pitch in. The partners will be there until the very end, and so will the trainees. We all pitch in together, and then everyone gets to celebrate our successes. For me, that dynamic team effort, when everyone comes together to exchange ideas, is the most exciting and rewarding part of what we do. 

I think what I really love about CMS is that they’re interested in helping you achieve your personal goals. We have regular reviews, where we can talk to the partners about what we want to achieve by the end of the year, and what goals we have. It’s very much a two-way conversation about what CMS expects from us and what we want from our role. The partners are there to help you achieve your ambitions within the firm, and there are always very clear and achievable targets, so that you know what you need to do in order to progress."

Electra Sorba, (Joined August 2011)

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