Emma Burnett


"What really defines CMS is how inclusive and supportive we are. We’re not clones of each other: we’re a very diverse team. Regardless of your age, disability, gender, or religion, it’s all about recognising what excellent performance looks like. The one thing we all share is the core belief that we should have an inclusive working environment, which brings out the best in people. CMS takes diversity and inclusion very seriously, because we see it as vital to our happiness and sense of belonging.

I think that’s reflected by one of my proudest achievements; being a full time working mother with a flourishing career. I’m really very proud to be a partner at CMS, and the support of my colleagues and my family has been invaluable. CMS’ support for its staff is about more than just ticking the boxes: offering me real practical assistance. I now work full-time, but I didn’t when the children were smaller. That flexibility has really allowed me to succeed.

CMS really does its best to nurture all its employees and help them to thrive, whatever their strengths. As partners, we’re trained to be coaches too, to bring out the best in our associates, and to do that through more than just traditional assessment. We have a thorough program designed to inspire excellence at every stage of an employee’s career. Later this month, I’m scheduled to attend a partnership performance programme. So, even at a senior level, our training and self-development never stops, inspiring us to achieve the best results we can."

Emma Burnett

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