Jamie Simpson

Lawyer, Real Estate

"I moved to CMS when I was approximately one year qualified from a smaller firm in Aberdeen.  I had always wanted to move back to Edinburgh, but CMS appealed for other reasons beyond its location. Primarily, it was the opportunity to experience a wider variation of work, with different clients that attracted me to the firm and this has definitely been the case since I joined.

As a  real estate lawyer, previously I worked mainly for one housebuilder, doing broadly similar work most days. At CMS, however, I work for different clients in different areas within real estate; at this stage in my career, it is great to have this breadth of experience.  The firm also encourages lawyers to take on a high level of responsibility.  For example, I have been given responsibility for one client in particular, becoming their main contact. I really enjoy  the deeper relationship with the client that this gives,  knowing that they will come directly to me should they have any queries.

I have had several highlights during my time with CMS, one of which was when I was involved in a contentious issue whilst acting for a client. There had been an ongoing disagreement with another firm for some time which pre-dated my arrival at the firm. Matters were coming to a head as neither side was willing to concede, so we had agreed to request an expert opinion.  The Professor who reviewed the opinion fed back that he thought my submission was very well set out and agreed with the proposals we were setting out. It was a real highlight for me that, after a long period of time of both sides going back and forth, the opinion came out in our favour, meaning that the client could have faith in what I had been telling them up to this point.

The overall impression that I have of CMS is that they are a firm that looks after their staff and if you work hard, you will be rewarded. We have received an annual bonus, gifts at Christmas, I have been able to travel to Lisbon for an inter-office football tournament and to travel to London for training seminars. There is a lot available to me at CMS and at no point have I regretted my decision to work here."

Jamie Simpson, Real Estate

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