Kushal Gandhi

Senior Associate, Solicitor Advocate

"My work as a Senior Associate is a continuous challenge.  It never stops being a learning experience, because I litigate for such a wide variety of businesses and issues.  Right now, for example, I’m working on disputes in IT, steel trading, and financial derivatives.  You have to understand each subject thoroughly to be able to present the case, so you’re constantly challenged to learn.  For a recent case, I had to learn about satellites, so I really had to start from the beginning there.

The great thing is that my team are so tight-knit and supportive.  When I’ve got a challenge ahead of me my team are always there to pitch in, and I do the same for them.

That closeness extends across the Firm: what really distinguishes working at CMS is the level of contact between junior and senior staff.  At a very early stage, I was working directly with Partners, and benefitting from their experience and advice.  Similarly, I do the same for junior staff, so we’re all a stronger team as a result.  The same is also true at an international level: in cross-border cases, and within regular CMS Academy events, we build strong links with our global counterparts, exchanging ideas and expertise."

Kushal Gandhi, (Joined August 2007)

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