Kutahya Cherry

Senior Associate

"When I moved from London to Bristol, joining CMS was the obvious choice: they offered me everything I needed in a regional location. I wanted to work somewhere with a real range of challenging work for its associates, and I unquestionably found that here. The Bristol office may be a smaller regional location, but its scope is international, and its work complex and high-value. The same is equally true across all the firm’s locations. So, if you want an outstanding law career, you aren’t restricted to one particular city, and that’s definitely benefitted me.

Across the board, I think our firm believes in nurturing variety amongst their employees. That’s not just in terms of location, but also in terms of attitude. In planning out my career, I wanted to avoid firms that said they had a ‘type’; that they looked for people who conformed to one particular way of thinking. The world isn’t like that, law isn’t like that, and CMS isn’t like that. Law firms cover an incredibly broad spectrum of work, and you need different kinds of people with different strengths and specialties. That’s the beauty of working here; everyone brings their own ideas to the table.

We can do that because CMS encourages us to speak up and take initiative. If you think you have contacts that could become clients of the firm, you’ll be supported to pitch it. If you have a good idea, you’re encouraged to make it happen. As the Bristol office paralegal team grew, I wanted to put a support structure in place for them, providing them with dedicated mentors outside their day-to-day supervision. I was encouraged to instigate my idea, and now all our paralegals have someone they can go to for guidance. At CMS, if you want to take on responsibilities, you can. If you have a great idea, you know that they want you to act on it. It’s a rewarding place for initiative and ambition."

Kutahya Cherry, (Joined October 2011)

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