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CMS Consumer & Retail Virtual Conference - Alternative Futures

Past event
22 October 2020, 10:00 - 11:00 UTC +00:00

Join us for the virtual CMS Consumer & Retail Conference- Alternative Futures on 15 and 22 October. 

Whether it’s Covid-19, heightened environmental concerns, or global social justice movements, consumer and retail companies have faced a year of reckoning. Success in this new world means remodelling businesses and some deep corporate soul searching. This year, over two webinars, we take a look at some of the forces driving these changes and the ‘alternative futures’ for the sector, with contributions from Retail Economics, Higher Steaks, and The Cannabis Conversation amongst others.

Thursday 22 October - 10:00-11:00

Meat is dead – The bleeding edge of alternative meats

How far off is lab-grown meat from being a reality and what does this mean for food businesses?
Benjamina Bollag, CEO/Founder, Higher Steaks
Jane Hollywood, Partner, CMS

High time for change – Cannabis, CBD and hemp

From cosmetics to bioplastics to food, it’s on everyone’s lips. But just what is the potential, and what are the limits, for cannabis, hemp and CBD?
Anuj Desai, Lawyer and Host of the Cannabis Conversation, Europe’s leading cannabis industry podcast

To nudge or to shove: government tactics for changing consumer behaviours

From new advertising rules on gender stereotyping to renewed focus on obesity and HFSS, where do government efforts to influence behaviours leave consumer organisations?
Stuart Helmer, Of Counsel, CMS

  • 22 October


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Olivia Jamison
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