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ISDA IBOR Fallbacks Protocol and Supplement Webinar

Past event
09 December 2020, 11:00 - 12:00 UTC +01:00

In this webinar, partners from our Finance Practice will provide an overview of the ISDA IBOR Fallbacks Protocol and Supplement, including an update on adherence to the protocol, followed by a discussion of the key factors market participants will want to take into account as they consider the role of the Protocol and Supplement as part of their IBOR transition plans.

Topics to be covered will include: the relative merits of Protocol adherence and a bespoke bilateral approach to derivatives transition; practical and legal barriers to adherence for certain market participants; and potential areas for litigation or liability arising in connection with the Protocol and IBOR transition more generally.  

To help you better understand the background to LIBOR transition, what this transition may require from you and how we can help, please visit the CMS LIBOR Transition Insight.  

  • 09 December


Jason Brooks
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Kushal Gandhi
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