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Risk, Resilience and Reputation Conference: Emerging Risks: How to Mitigate a Developing Crisis

London, United Kingdom

Show location
Past event
12 June 2019, 08:30 - 12:30

This half day conference will examine the significant challenges which organisations may face when dealing with a sudden major crisis within their business, and how best to both prepare for such an event, and deal with any such eventuality. You will hear from:

  • Aon, the World’s largest insurance broker, on key Enterprise Risk Management (ERM issues), insurance gap analysis, emerging corporate killer risks and how to plan for them.
  • AIRMIC, the Association of Insurance Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce, on building resilience, scenario planning in the event of a large crisis, and the composition of the crisis response team and how to mobilise the team when a crisis hits.
  • CMS on how to jointly manage insured and uninsured exposures and establish an effective legal framework to support your crisis management workflows.

Scenario based workshops

Delegates will then have the opportunity to join one of three following workshops which will each deal with a specific type of business crisis. The focus will be on the timeline immediately following the discovery of a crisis, and what steps organisations should and ought to be taking to deal with any exposure so as to mitigate any losses and future damage to both the organisation and stakeholders.

A) Corporate Crisis: How to respond following a sudden corporate scandal, including drawing on lessons that can be learnt from such recent crises over the last 12-months

B) Infrastructure Imperil: How to respond in the face of a cyber-attack or technology failure that threatens a business’ operational performance, including first response

C) Material Menace: How to respond when faced with a large-scale contamination of a key supply chain which impacts an organisation’s production and logistics, as well as the ramifications from a PR perspective

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This is one of our Risk, Resilience and Reputation series of events. Advising on current and future risk, building resilience in difficult situations and protecting reputation.