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Think Tank on Workplace Harassment (Glasgow)

Future proofing your organisation

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Show location
Past event
06 February 2019, 08:30 - 10:00

In the last two years we have worked with a variety of clients to refine their approach to tackling workplace harassment. This panel session brings together external speakers and our shared experience of what works to minimise risk in your workplace and looks forward at how best to future proof your organisation.

This will involve the obvious in terms of a fit for purpose policy, supportive statements from the top, training for staff and an effective harassment investigation process.

Culture is also a very important tool in terms of tackling workplace harassment. That means appreciating that people behave and react differently when they are at work, that getting the culture right involves many strands of your strategy coming together. How do you create a culture where people feel empowered to come forward, and maintain a balance where speaking out is not abused?

Other aspects of the discussion are around relationships at work, codes of conduct, work trips away and online reporting tools. Join us at our interactive breakfast sessions in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow as our experts share their insights on strategic approaches to minimise risk.