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Uniting the Pride Fringes: What role can corporates play in keeping Pride engaging and inclusive for all?

Past event
27 June 2018, 18:00 - 21:30

As part of the Pride in the City series Pride in London and CMS (its pro bono legal advisors) invite you to attend a panel discussion, followed by drinks and refreshments.

Post-equal marriage, questions have emerged around what Pride movements and LGBT* groups should strive for and look like today. We rightly celebrate the rich tapestry of individual identities which make up our community, but as we diversify without an obvious unifying goal, do we risk fragmentation and reduced effectiveness?

Join our panel of speakers to debate what corporates can do to strengthen Pride-supporting communities, and to shape the Prides of tomorrow:

This event will seek to:

  • Explore the viewpoints of different minority LGBT* identities on how to engage a diverse community.
  • Learn about the challenges corporate LGBT* networks face when seeking to diversify and encourage community, and their strategies for success.
  • With input from industry experts, consider methods to attract and maintain diverse and united communities; how to create engaging and inclusive campaigns; how to frame modern LGBT* initiatives for inclusive and widespread participation; and, how to cater to the broad range of LGBT* and ally identities whilst still fostering united communities.


18:00 - Registration
18:30 – Panel discussion begins
19:45 - Networking and drinks

Please confirm your attendance by clicking on the RSVP link below.