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Using IP to protect ethical AI technology

London, United Kingdom

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Past event
24 January 2019, 08:30 - 10:30

Medical decision support. Machine translation. Product recommendations. Speech and face recognition. Game playing. AI technology is already radically altering our world and is able to out-perform humans in many tasks.

The race to develop AI technology will pose many new challenges for businesses, not least where advanced AI may try to act contrary to human ethical values. Scientists and engineers will need to ensure AI is developed using ethics as a founding principle, so it does not try to deceive humans, act in biased ways, or cause harm in ways where it is difficult to determine accountability.

In this IP-dedicated seminar, we will debate whether ethical AI technology can be protected using intellectual property and if so, how. We are thrilled to be joined by Miguel Domingo Vecchioni, Team Manager at the European Patent Office in Berlin, Dr Stephen Richardson, Senior Patent Examiner, UK Intellectual Property Office and Dr Russell Maurice, Senior Patent Examiner, UK Intellectual Property Office. We will explore how to examine patent applications for ethical AI technology. We will examine the reputational issues that unethical AI applications might cause to brands. And we will consider wider implications of AI for copyright and other forms of intellectual property.

Please do join us for what should be an unmissable event.