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Webinar | UK FDI and merger control in 2021 and beyond

Past event
08 December 2020, 13:00 - 14:00 UTC +01:00

Our webinar explores (i) the implications on M&A deals of the recently introduced National Security and Investment Bill (NSI Bill) and (ii) the approach of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to UK mergers post-Brexit.

2021 will see the CMA taking over sole responsibility for merger control in the UK from the European Commission. It will also see the introduction of a far-reaching and intrusive new national security and investment framework allowing the UK Government to review a significant number of deals.

During this one hour webinar we will discuss:

The proposed scope of the UK’s new foreign investment control regime as set out in the NSI Bill:

  • What sectors and deals are likely to be vulnerable to scrutiny
  • How the regime is not confined to non-UK parties but will capture UK buyers
  • How the proposed hybrid mandatory and voluntary notification regime will work
  • What powers the Government has, and the retrospective nature of the Bill
  • How to integrate UK FDI into strategic planning for regulatory clearance, and how we can help

How the CMA intends to police mergers post-Brexit:

  • What it will mean to have a twin-track of potential notifications to the CMA and the European Commission
  • What you need to know about the CMA’s increasingly aggressive stance in reviewing UK mergers
  • What are the key issues that the CMA scrutinises in merger reviews

Practical steps to mitigate your risks should you need to make notifications under either the foreign investment or merger control rules.

  • 08 December


Caroline Hobson
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Brian Sher