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Energy Planning lawyers

We are one of the largest planning energy & infrastructure consenting teams in the UK with over 30 specialist lawyers. We are motivated by a passion to help to create exceptional places and environments and deliver essential infrastructure to meet the UK's demographic and development needs.

Planning shapes every aspect of our lives. The buildings and environments in which we live, work, shop, play and educate the next generation all require supporting energy and infrastructure created through commercial enterprise, consultation and the exercise of political power through the planning system.

Alongside our expertise in energy & infrastructure consenting we are also specialists in the planning of real estate projects.

Within our team we have a dedicated Energy and Infrastructure Consenting Team, with expertise including development consent orders (DCOs), transport and works act orders, section 36/37 consents, private bills, marine licences and compulsory purchase orders, including appeals, inquires and judicial review. We also form a key part of the wider CMS energy team, which is recognised as the UK’s market-leading energy practice.

Working for many years for developers, investors, utilities, public bodies, licence holders, network owners and funders, across a full range of development and infrastructure sectors, gives us deep industry experience and perspective and we deliver practical advice on fast-moving and dynamic projects. 

We have assisted our clients with obtaining planning permissions and other consents for some of the UK's largest and most complex schemes and projects. We have also helped to deliver a number of first-of-their-kind consents including the first overhead transmission line DCO, the first major offshore wind marine licence, and the first TEN-E Regulation electricity interconnector.

Our expertise spreads across a host of industries, including energy (all kinds), airports, rail, roads and transport, waste, water and wastewater and flood alleviation.

In the last three years alone, we have helped our clients to secure planning permissions for:

• 10GW of generation

• 1,100 Kms of energy networks

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Rebecca Roffe
Rebecca Roffe
United Kingdom, Sheffield
Rebecca is a Partner in our Planning Group in Sheffield with over 10 years of experience in all planning and environmental matters. She deals with contentious and non-contentious issues for investors,...
Picture of Robin Hutchison
Robin Hutchison
United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Robin Hutchison is a Planning and Environment partner who advises companies, public bodies and funders on major projects, developments and transactions.He has a particular focus on planning/consenting...
Andrew Sawbridge
Andrew Sawbridge
United Kingdom, London
Andrew qualified into Planning in February 2019 having spent a year of his training contract in the team. Andrew has a broad range of transactional, advisory and contentious experience in planning matters,...