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Social Impact

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The social element of ESG encompasses an organisation’s relationships with its people, suppliers and communities. Investors, and the market generally, are increasingly focused on how organisations manage issues such as business ethics, supply chain management, diversity and inclusion and ensuring a positive contribution to society of activities.  The market will reward those businesses that have a positive social impact.

As a full-service law firm, CMS experts work together to address the social impact of commercial activities and investments. Whether you are considering the diversity of your workforce, pay ratios, health & safety protocols, relationships with your suppliers or integration with the local community, CMS will field a team with the right combination of expertise and experience.

CMS social impact resources include

Gender pay gap toolbox

The Gender Pay Gap toolbox contains guidance, resources and practical tips to help your organisation tackle the complexities of analysing and measuring your gender pay gap.

Anti-corruption Zone

The Anti-corruption Zone brings together information on bribery, money laundering and prosecution policy, helping businesses to stay ahead of developments in this rapidly evolving area of law. 

Whistleblower protection

Provides information on the EU’s Whistleblower Protection Directive and similar regulations outside the EU.

Health & Safety considerations after Covid-19

A short video highlighting how businesses can adopt effective health and safety measures as part of a wider strategy to ensure they rebound from the pandemic with success in 2021.

Highlights of our social impact experience includes:

Global online e-retailer on employment law issues, including advice on monitoring employees, a framework recruitment agreement and occupational health and safety.

British retailer on over 100 commercial arrangements with global manufacturers following the outbreak of COVID-19, and the resultant impact on our client’s clothing and home business.

UK oil and gas company on an internal investigation, following whistleblower allegations of corruption, conflicts of interest and misleading investors/ the market, as well as a concurrent employment claim.

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