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Future Facing Disputes

Future Facing Disputes -  An introduction to a broad range of future dispute risk issues which are beginning to concern our clients and will become more prominent going forward.

If there are issues that you would like us to consider as the subject of future insight papers in this series, please contact Ben Trust, Partner

You can download the future facing dispute insight papers and see videos below.

Future Facing Disputes insight papers and briefings


ESG Risk and Shareholder Activism 

Will ESG related concerns result in courts adopting a more purposive approach to corporate liability?

Enforcing the Ethical Charter

Emergence of Climate Change Litigation insight paper

Green technology - the key to climate change mitigation in the corporate world?

The New World

The Future Risks of the Remote Workplace

The future of judicial review after Brexit

Shareholder Activism and Directors Risk

Litigation Funding The New Normal

Disputes and Smart Contracts: traditional solutions to modern problems?


Technology licensing after Unwired Planet – Jurisdictional overreach by the UK Supreme Court or the future of global licensing disputes?

Using Blockchain to open up new opportunities

Why businesses need to get digital accessibility right

The impact of technology in construction


Is there a future for Robo-Directors?

UK reforms to fuel claims involving self-driving cars insight paper


Future Facing Disputes – In the Press

Remote hearings: The new normal? - SCL

New Frontiers Technology and dispute-resolution - City A.M.

Autonomous Vehicles, Software and Product Liability: Have the Law Commissions Missed an Opportunity? - University of Oxford

Tech Law Disputes Predictions for 2021 from CMS

Beating the Bots: What are the options for retailers?

Is climate change the ultimate hot potato for parent companies?