Risk Reports

Advising the Board Risk Reports

Short focused reports produced on a regular basis taking a commercial as well as legal view on a comprehensive range of commercial risk issues, focusing on the risk areas below:

  • Advertising & Marketing Risk - Coming Soon
  • AI Risk
  • Competition Risk (included below)
  • Contractual Risk
  • Data Risk
  • Employment Risk
  • Environmental Risk in the CEE
  • Financial Risk
  • Group/Class Action Risk
  • Health and Safety Risk
  • Insolvency Risk
  • Joint Venture Governance Risk
  • M&A Risk
  • Office relocation risk
  • Technology / Operational Risk (included below)
  • Project Development Risk
  • Shareholder Risk
  • Reputational Management Risk
  • Climate Change Risk - Coming Soon
  • Cyber Security Risk - Coming Soon
  • Product Liability Risk - Coming Soon

If you wish to subscribe to the full series of Advising the Board reports please contact [email protected]

Reports specifically developed for Board members and anyone whose role includes advising the Board including:

  • In-house legal
  • Risk
  • Commercial / business affairs
  • Compliance/ regulatory
  • Department heads
  • Procurement
  • External consultants

Each Board Risk report includes:

  • Succinct digestible information written by CMS legal experts offering practical legal and commercial advice
  • Stakeholder barometers gauging who is most at risk for the area of risk under focus
  • In-house / expert perspectives offering commercial recommendations
  • Clear summary points as practical takeaways

You can read three of the Advising the Board Risk Reports by clicking on the reports below:

Advising the Board on Competition Law Risk Cover 150x212


Advising the Board on Technology Operational Risk 150x212


RRR Advising the board on Environmental Law Risk CEE


Other risk reports

There are also a number of other risk reports below which we hope you find useful.

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