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CMS by Design

Every good idea needs a spark.

For CMS, the spark comes from the friction between where you are and where you want to be. It’s your business that ignites our innovation.

To some, innovation is all about technology. And of course that’s a part of it. But at CMS we do more than just tick the tech box. We know artificial intelligence has to be combined with real intelligence to get the best results.

What is CMS By Design?

CMS By Design is a dedicated group within CMS UK which leads the development of legal service delivery and technology. It is how we collaborate and co-create with clients to help you face the future with confidence. The group offers four key services: Mix, Developers on Demand, D-Code, and Instinctive Understanding.

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You can download the CMS By Design Brochure by clicking the image on the left.

Why CMS By Design?

By calling on the CMS By Design team you will benefit from:

  • The systems and experience to collaborate with you and your team to design new and better ways of solving legal, regulatory and commercial challenges.
  • A perspective that lets us see where we can innovate on your behalf, to get the best outcome for your business.
  • The organisational and project management skills to deliver seamless legal design.
  • A deep understanding of the technology that’s available, ensuring we offer you the right tools and services for specific needs.
  • The know-how to help you innovate in the in-house legal department too, if that’s part of your strategy.

We’re not product developers, although we’ve helped other people develop some great products. And we’re not a tech company, although the fact that our clients include some of the biggest tech companies and smartest start-ups in the world has given us an extra level of insight into innovation.

We are a future-facing global law firm, which understands innovative legal design is vital for private practice, in-house teams and your organisation alike.

What we can offer you and case studies