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CMS Evidence is the leading in-house evidence collection, review and disclosure technology, assisting you in the early stages of litigation, investigations, arbitration and tribunals.

Why is CMS Evidence different?

At CMS, you get the benefit of the latest legal technology, as well as an integrated team of industry certified professionals, who provide a consistent and quality-controlled approach to evidence gathering and analysis. We have one of the largest dedicated teams of any major law firm with extensive experience of project managing large scale and complex disclosure processes. Unlike using an external provider, we are fully in control of the entire process to ensure you receive exceptional results.

How does it save time?

Our technology, including RelativityOne, provides fast access to critical information and results. Since our team is fully integrated in-house, no time is lost introducing external suppliers during the early stages of a dispute. When coupled with our AI tool, Brainspace, we assist you to establish themes and relationships in their data in a matter of hours.

How does it save money?

CMS Evidence can save up to 50% compared to outsourcing to an external provider. Our specialists will prepare and load your data at competitive rates.

Can it handle multijurisdictional cases?

With the capability to conduct reviews in multiple languages, CMS Evidence can handle multi-jurisdictional cases and investigations as they develop. Our platform means you can securely access critical documents, irrespective of geography or time zone, providing transparent progress updates throughout.

How can CMS Evidence help me?

Some recent CMS Evidence success stories include:

  • Saving a client approximately £10,000 every month, following the disclosure of 2.3 million documents from a bankrupt company.
  • Presenting our initial findings in an anti-bribery investigation in just two hours, using AI to review 750,000 documents.
  • Removing one third of the documents from the review pool as non-relevant, during a complex disclosure - a 10 times increase in the review rate.

To find out more, please contact Kevin Bannon.