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Portrait ofBarbara Zapisetskaya

Barbara Zapisetskaya

Senior Associate

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Languages Russian, English

Barbara Zapisetskaya is a senior associate in the London office of the Technology and Media practice. Barbara’s experience lies in the areas of commercial and technology law. She has been advising clients on a variety of commercial matters, including sale, distribution and supply of products and services to the market and consumer protection. Barbara’s other areas of practice are technology and business process outsourcing and technology projects, such as software licensing, support and system development and integration.

Barbara joined CMS in 2019. She has previously worked for one of New Zealand’s leading private practice firms as well as in-house for a large New Zealand financial institution.

Barbara has a particular interest in the regulation of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies as well as their application. She has recently co-authored a UK chapter of the book titled “AI, Machine Learning and Big Data 2020” published by Global Legal Group.

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  • 2011 – LLB (Honours), The University of Auckland, Auckland.
  • 2004 – BA (Modern History), Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg.
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