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Zak Coles

Zak Coles

Senior Associate

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
College Square
2 Anchor Road
United Kingdom
Languages English, French, German

Zak is a Senior Associate in the Insurance & Reinsurance Disputes Team. An experienced litigator and qualified civil and commercial mediator, she has wide experience in property insurance, construction and professional indemnity insurance claims. She devised and delivered bespoke outlay recovery schemes for property insurers, arising out of claims for property damage, building failure and fraud across a wide range of Small, Fast and Multitrack claims. 

Zak also works as a pro bono legal advisor via the Bristol Law Centre. 

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Relevant experience

  • Negotiating recovery of the cost to insurers of a £2M fire claim at the Second Severn Crossing.
  • Securing the cost of repairs to flooding damage caused by defective drainage design on a large residential estate via a group action and two satellite actions.
  • Pursuit of claims for subsidence damage to domestic properties of all sizes and degrees of complexity, ranging from claims for superstructure repairs costing £4,000 or £5,000 to claims in excess of £120,000.
  • A £180,000 Consumer Protection Act claim for fire damage to a house caused by a defective vehicle.
  • First Party claims of all values based on fraud, non-disclosure and breach of policy conditions.
  • Recovery claims of all values for damage caused by escapes of water and oil, from incorrectly bled radiators to the overtopping of a catchment pond which caused widespread flooding.
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1990 - Law Society Finals course, University of the West of England

1989 - Common Professional (Law) Examination, University of the West of England

1986 - BA in Drama & English, Bristol University

1986 - Hannam-Clark Shakespeare Prize, Bristol University

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