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5G AI - Smart IoT here we go ...

CMS Digitalbytes

22 August 2018

I've often said that the term "smart phone" should be replaced with the less catchy but more accurate  "life-assistant" as I've used my phone for years now for everything from paying for parking on the train into work to acting as a train ticket for the underground. So it is going to be fascinating to see what such collaborative efforts in the 5G AI space eventually lead to as new applications start to leverage the capablities that this type of machine learning will allow. As for whether we end up more empowered by AI or end up being more governed by AI we will have to wait and see ... a connected IoT world of smart mobile devices needs data networks with their own "smarts" to keep up with. 

"As massive and rapidly changing connectivity and coverage demands ... on 5G networks by billions of IoT devices and a growing array of consumer services, networks will need to predict and respond to those changes in real-time. ... AI needs to be embedded in the architecture to provide continuous, real-time, complex cognitive processing to better shape and size network resources when and where needed.

... Nokia recently signed an MoU with China Mobile to research radio resource management and traffic prediction using AI and machine-learning in 5G RAN network.   

... Google announced Nokia as a partner to evaluate Google’s new Edge TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) and Cloud IoT Edge software  ... As a part of the evaluation, the Edge TPU would be seamlessly integrated as a companion chip to extend ReefShark capabilities for Machine Learning. "

AI at the edge of innovation

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